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As we chug along closer and closer towards the interactive sex-fueled Oculus Rift Porn Utopia that I sincerely hope and dream will come along with the CV1 release (don’t we all?), we are given little choice but to succumb in the meantime to waiting and relegate ourselves instead to scrounging the test-bed floor for whatever little bits and pieces of horny goodness might pop up along the way.
Thankfully for those of us Oculus Rift DK2 owners who are looking for a fix, I have found and share with you here a small number of adult demos released over the course of the last month; and some updates enabling Rift support to a couple of bigger projects as well.
Let’s go down the list and talk a little about what we have found!

– Just one Dance VR-

If you haven’t heard the name “Bioshock” by now, you are probably either lying or you don’t really exist; the franchise is huge and a household name for many, but did you know there is a popular porn version of the game?
While that may not come as a surprise for most (read rule #34) those naughty peeps behind such titles as “Biocock intimate” over at Zone-Archive.com have gone one step further and released a small Rift Porn demo featuring one of our favorite damsels in distress – Anna DeWitt (Elizabeth)!
Though there isn’t much to it – you are placed in the perspective of a man with Anna riding cowgirl and humping away – it’s definitely well done and is yet another testament to just how immersive VR Porn games can be.
Might as well try it out!

– You Shouldn’t Have Dropped The Soap – A very gay demo-

The very first gay demo for the Rift and needing a lot of work (we’re all amateurs at this point though, really), this very interesting project features a man (you) getting anally plowed by another very large man; in what looks to be a seedy shower room from the movie “hostel” (a prison shower perhaps?).
Like most of the small VR Porn demos out there isn’t much to see here, but if you are into homerotic entertainment you might get a kick out of it at the very least; just be warned that the scale settings seem way off and can’t be changed, so everything is ridiculously disproportionately big.
Development error or intentional preference? Let’s leave that up to you to decide…

"I'm blue da ba dee da ba die..."
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“I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…”


-VRtitties 0.11-

The latest update to the VRtitties game from the forum with the same name, shows us just how much a new developer can come (cum?) in just a few months of working with a new engine.
Built in UE4, ChelseaRift’s latest iteration has plenty of improvements to enjoy, including multiple scenes with different positions (cowgirl, doggystyle and straddle). Given that most of the other small demos are only one small scene and nothing more, this is probably the most “robust” Indie VR Porn experience out there, but it is definitely lacking the polish that we would hope for.
With a little bit of money I can’t help but think these guys could put together something great, so be sure to visit their site and leave a donation (link is in the sidebar) to help fund the future of VR Porn.

-DK2 MMD Hentai Demo-

By far my favorite in the list so far, but only because I am such a big fan of hentai/anime stuff. This demo features many scantily-clad very cute lolis in rows dancing about to a song and dance routine being put on by some other cute anime girls; as well as some MMD character getting plugged from behind by an oddly proportioned muscle bound thug. Fraught with funny glitches and clipping issues (the girl in the back with the twisted up legs/IK issue is good for a chuckle), these in no way detract from the overall enjoyability of watching a bunch of naked cartoon chicks freaking out in various ways (in other words, it’s great).

-Red Light Center-

The final bit of DK2 Porn goodness that we found comes from a long standing adult MMO game that you may very well have played, and have almost certainly heard of before:
The UTHERVERSE Red Light Center 2.0 update has gotten it’s long-awaited for Oculus Rift support! Although I can’t comment personally on what this is like until I‘ve tried it, I’d like to hope that with the financial backing that game must have, they could afford to do it right.

So there we have it, that is my little list of tasty tidbits I’ve found while crawling around the underbelly of the ever expanding VR multiverse. What they may lack in polish, they make up for in panache!
By the looks of it people are becoming more secure with the idea that Virtual Reality is here to stay and we are bound to see more and more developers jumping on the wagon to take part in what promises to be the greatest thing since robot sex.
Time to whip out your joysticks folks….

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