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These days, all our gadgets including personal computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. have made access to porn and sexual material online really easy. A click or two can take you from your desktop to sexual hijinks that stretch your imagination, as well as your penis. However, what if we told you there is a new player in town that is bound to expand the horizons of your imagination (and your pants) even more. Don’t believe us? Enter the world of Autoblow 2.

As the majority of our readers already know, since the advent of the Oculus Rift the potential exists to transfer the user into a reality where they can not only dive into immersive vr porn worlds visually, but also use teledildonics and other automated sex toys to connect to vr porn worlds physically (yes we are aware that virtual-reality is not always about porn, but that’s what this website is about so we’ll keep it in context); and although the Autoblow 2 is not exactly a teledildonic in the formal sense, it does enable a user to be automatically fellated (sucked-off in layman’s terms) which is pretty damn awesome as far as we’re concerned, and so it obviously bears mentioning.   

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1-Interchangeable sleeves accommodate all men 2-Expanding springs for a tight fit 3-Strokes your penis a full 4″ up & down 4-Powerful Industrial strength motor, built to last 5-Plugs into wall, no need for batteries


So how exactly does the autoblow work? Well, let’s start off by saying that the device features interchangeable sleeves in 3 sizes so don’t worry, you will fit (unless your name is Ron Jeremy; in which case, welcome to our blog!)  in a manner similar to the original (which we had somewhat oddly heard nothing about until we first caught wind of the successor) the rather large machine (a little under that of a 2 litre bottle of coke; it’s huge, but it has handles so s’all good) and it’s luscious and sultrily-smiling silicon mouth are slipped over your d*ck, while the machine goes to work sliding a coiled swath of beads up and down the silicon lined interior, supposedly simulating what a blowjob feels like; and word would have it (I don’t  have $160 to spend on a blowjob machine as of yet and I have a wife who does an excellent job) it does a pretty keen job of it.

From what we have gleaned, about the only real downside to the autoblow 2, aside from it’s somewhat unwieldy size, is that it sounds somewhat akin to a miniature jack-hammer going off on your penis; which really isn’t that big of a deal if you think about it, considering a nagging girlfriend is just as bad, if not worse.




Anyhow, the autoblow 2 might not be exactly what one would call the perfect counterpart to VR porn, as it doesn’t feature any sort of haptic feedback and it’s not designed to be controlled from a distance, but it’s not too difficult to imagine watching some POV in the Oculus Rift and letting the autoblow go to work; and who knows, perhaps in the future there will be an Autoblow 3 making all of our long-distance-computer-sex-with-a-stranger dreams come to life!

So regardless of what you think of the device (who said your opinion matters?), it’s easy enough to see that automated sex devices, teledildonic and otherwise, are definitely becoming a huge part of the sex-toy and pornographic industry. As to whether or not sex-savvy VR developers will be actively working to implement such pleasurable playthings into their games and applications, we think so; given how much attention they are receiving it would be a rather short-sighted maneuver to overlook them and game developers aren’t generally known for their short-sightedness, at least not the good ones anyhow.


So to wrap it all up we’ll say that even if you aren’t the type of person to try such a device (liar) the merging of affordable automated toys with the existing adult industry is an interesting prospect that you should keep an eye on (or whatever other body-part suits your fancy). It spells great times for pornography in general, and various devices and software are likely to evolve in time with the current virtual reality trend, which could culminate into some very naughty (and expensive) fun indeed. Who knows, another couple of years and you might be swearing off human contact altogether in favour of  automated android sex. Excited?

You should be. 

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