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VEIVIEV’s super-sensual Adult VR platform, VRGIRLZ, has always been a solid and sexy softcore VR entertainment effort; but ever since their most recent news update regarding future plans for their service, we’ve been more excited than ever to see just how well their dev teams dedication is beginning to pay off.

No longer content with producing the erotic VR stills we all know and love (as classy and artistic as they can be), they have now officially announced that they have committed themselves to adding subtle movement to their models in up-and-coming VR experiences. Now, bear in mind these aren’t likely to be full-out animations for a long time to come, but even smaller movements like a cute butt gently swaying in the wind, or a sultry look and a little tilt of the hips, is going to be a game-changer. Before when I tested their offerings, as immersive and enjoyable as they were, it always kind of bugged me that even though the girls were hot, it felt like I was really just staring at a sexy statue (not to say that doesn’t have an allure of its own, nearly every erotic magazine in existence featured nothing but stills, and we got along with those just fine), but I believe that adding even the slightest motion to these girls will make all the difference; and given how realistic these scans already are, VrGirlz’s goal of complete human presence now seems completely within reach!

That isn’t all they have been doing, however, in April of this year the team updated their service with CV1 support, and also recently updated all of their AVR and BVR products as well!  (as taken from their site: AVR gives you advanced skin rendering, skin physics, LEAP hands integration and advanced multi lighting, while BVR uses a simple shader with basic lighting. AVR scenes are, understandably, considerably more expensive).

As nice as that all is, there is one caveat, though, and good news always comes with a price (or so it would seem). At the moment, all of you Horny HTC Vive-owners out there are going to have to wait, and for at least a couple of months, miss out on all the fun. Vive support was supposed to happen sometime between May and June, but unfortunately, it isn’t quite ready for you to play with your [Vive] wands just yet. Don’t be mad at the dev-team though, VRGirlz isn’t to fault for this setback. It takes a great deal of time and resources to create such high-quality material, and as they have explained in their most recent news update on their website, their team is highly reliant on third party developers the world over to help with programming, and time and effort can come at a steeper price than many would care to think. As an aspiring developer myself, I am starting to understand the process well enough and I can say with some degree of certainty that this is one company that really cares about their product, and while it may be a little bit slow-going at the moment, that kind of dedication can only lead to great things; and I wish them all the best.

Furthermore, they will be continuing to add even more features like better skin physics and even Oculus Touch (hand) interactions! Just imagine ultra-realistic scans like these, but with added physics, so you can play around with the girls and see their bodies react! So if everything goes as planned, we’ll all soon be in VR-Erotica heaven.

And before I forget it, they also offer an updated for the CV1 version of their laudable and 100% FREE VRGirlz Demo App; so if you’re curious, but you still aren’t sure whether or not you want to purchase any of their scenes (trust me, they are worth it) head on over to their site and download LUCID DREAMS II now, and check it out for yourself!


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