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In case you ever needed another reason to go to Las Vegas and check out the strip (because who can ever have enough gambling, booze and scantily clad ladies?) you’re in luck as premium VR Porn platform VR Bangers has announced they are working together in collaboration with HMD maker AuraVisor, along with an as-of-yet unnamed hotel company, to provide horny hotel patrons with some sexual release in the form of an in-room VR Porn service that will allow them to get jiggy with a virtual partner of their choosing; in a virtual locale meant to mimic the very hotel room they are staying in, for added immersion.

The experience will only set you back some $20 US dollars to have the service included with your Room, and given that the AuraVisor doesn’t require a smartphone to be connected to it like similarly untethered HMD’s (Samsung’s GEAR VR comes to mind. In contrast AuraVisor is basically a standalone Android computer packaged in a VR headset) it’s accessible to anybody with eyes to see it and a few extra bucks; making it a perfect fit for a night in Vegas.

Now this is right on so many levels. First of all, hotel patrons the world over have been enjoying porn in their hotel rooms since most of us were still in diapers (although recently one certain big name hotel group has decided to phase out in-room porn altogether) and the step up to VR Porn from more traditional sexy-time affairs just seems like a natural move to make. Also, Las Vegas is a place where trying new and exciting things are part and parcel to the whole experience; There is a much bigger chance that something like hotel room VR Pornography will gain a foothold when the patrons are already there so they can do things they wouldn’t necessarily normally do.

While it’s still unclear which hotels the platform will roll out on and when, we have high hopes our next saunter to Sin City will have us sexing up a virtual maid or two. Until then, we’ll just have to deal with VirtualRealPorn and our new Oculus Rift.

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