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While the rest of the world is taking its time catching-up to the quickly growing VR porn revolution, there’s at least one xxx film service out there that has been paving new ground, boldly adopting the tech and laying the foundation for the future of adult entertainment, and that future is virtualrealporn.com (formerly known as oculusrealporn.com)!
Seriously, this service is amazing. Producing high-quality content for horny VRHMD users (you and me both baby) everywhere to enjoy, new material is added regularly and there’s support for almost every VR headset under the sun; and, of course, the models in the videos are very sexy indeed (think suicide-girls meets chippendales and you get the idea).
While some of us may remember that the site was initially a little slow to start (talking about material here, not load times), since their inception they’ve done a tremendous job of keeping up with new developments. Adding both new features and videos as they go along and building up a generous amount of content (considering the service is still rather new and is the first of its kind), virtualrealporn.com supports pretty well every virtual reality headset under the sun, and things just keep getting better.

If this doesn't turn you on, you're a robot!
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If this doesn’t turn you on, you’re a robot!

At the time of this writing the newer videos all feature binaural sound, which helps immersion considerably and most of the videos are viewable in 180° stereoscopic 3d (older videos were 120°) which is a feat in itself (even the well-funded huccio with their 76K red Dragon bragging rights, isn’t in 3d) and in my opinion makes all the difference as to whether or not you could should be able to call an experience “virtual reality”, at least without lying; Trust me when I say that having a girl cum in front of the camera and squirt while you are playing with your cock isn’t near as exciting when there is no depth involved and virtualrealporn.com has that covered. So don’t allow unscrupulous companies to sell you into the idea that something can be classed as “VR” unless it includes good 3d, it just isn’t the same.

So okay that all sounds great, but how does that all translate over to real world enjoyability? Surprisingly well in fact! You can look around the way you’d expect to using a VR headset and those of you who’ve tried the Rift (I own both devkits but have yet to try any of the other supported devices) understand what I mean when I say the sense of scale is astounding, and these combined make for one heck of an arousing and immersive experience, though that’s not to say the service isn’t without issue. The capture method itself, as good as it is, could use a little bit of work as at times it feels a little more like looking through a spherical lens than looking through somebody’s eyes (which of course is what is happening). But given the advancements that have been made so far, like implementing steadicam support (earlier DK1-era videos were quite shaky and nausea-inducing) I feel more than secure in saying that as new solutions become available we will see them utilized and used here. This is, after all, still very new tech we’re talking about; not only the headsets themselves but even more so perhaps the methods used to capture compelling high-fov 3d video.

So would I say that at this point the services are worth spending your hard earned money on? Definitely! The models are sexy, new videos are added often, and with multiple pricing tiers between five and $15 a month you can’t really go wrong. Besides, who else is currently producing this kind of stuff? Furthermore, as if all that wasn’t quite enough they also provide their own proprietary virtual-reality video player which I have to say works very well and it’s free (and easy to set up).
If you’re into the idea of enjoying some virtual reality porn and you wouldn’t be on the site if you weren’t, give these guys your support so they can continue to bring our fantasies to (virtual) life!

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