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VirtualPorn360 is a wonderful service no doubt, but can you really call something VR Porn if it is stuck in 2-Dimensions?

When one thinks of Virtual Reality porn, the words stereoscopic and 3D seem to be a major selling point on every service you can find, and with good reason. Not only does a VR headset generate much of the high amount of immersion it provides by closing you out from the world outside and tracking your movements in virtual space, but by allowing you to get lost in a 3D world that provides a sense of depth so deep (I know I know, it sounds funny, but what better to describe it?) it can only be likened to the real world (for those of you who haven’t tried VR yet, this is nothing like your run-of-the-mill 3D movie 3D folks).

One might think then, that a company producing adult VR content in 2D instead of 3D would be a rather odd thing to do, and I would tell them I agree.

VirtualPorn360 is just one such company that has chosen to stick with 2D as a production method for VR, at least for the time being, and while that might seem strange at first (and even still, after) and the reasons why they would make such a seemingly ill-advised decision might not seem immediately apparent, it is our best guess that the trade-off comes in providing users with another form of immersivity: 360° porn scenes.

You see, 360° porn can be done stereoscopically (BadoinkVR has a few amongst its repertoire) but generally speaking, the quality of the 3D and the video in general will suffer as a result. Often you will find stitching issues and unsightly seems in the areas where the video wraps upon itself, and the stereoscopy seems to suffer some in comparison to the more conventional 180° approach. When you are trying to see the pussy of the cute girl diddling herself over there in the corner, and you see a formless rift from the netherverse driving it’s way up between her crack instead, it can be plenty immersion-breaking; and at that point one could argue whether or not having the stereoscopy is even worthwhile, if 360° porn is what you are after.

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It might be 2D but it’s still oh so sexy!

VirtualPorn360’s method however, avoids much of those issues (and is likely a lot cheaper to produce) and the experience is quite smooth as a result. There are still some .
And although here at VRSexSpot we feel that the 180° videos with kickass 3D rule over 360° videos anyday (besides, who want’s to have to turn all the way around to fap?) we can acknowledge that there are those of you who will find the whole ‘being able to look all around you’ thing even more immersive than what reality-level 3D can provide and VirtualPorn360 does that bit better than anybody in the business thus-far.

Now that isn’t the only thing the company is doing that is different than it’s competitors, and as the title of this article suggests, the feature that I personally find the most intriguing is the recent addition of an interactive video that lets you choose between 2 different girls to have sex with, as well as which position to do it in (and that is truly fucking awesome!).

In the “Pick your Happy Ending” VR porn video you are given the ability to alter the course of the action by clicking on various icons that appear in the scene at various key parts throughout the movie, much like those old choose-your-own-adventure games of times of yore. Clicking on a specific icon, such as a name or a sexual position, takes the movie in a different direction and I have to say it is pretty cool to try out. At the moment there aren’t many choices (a couple per girl, and two girls to pick from) but it’s easy to see how this could evolve into something much bigger and being able to make some decisions as to how things play out definitely makes the experience feel more involving than your average VR porn movie thus far.

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Do you really need stereoscopy for VR porn to be good?

There is one small caveat here in that this particular video doesn’t appear to be downloadable or usable in an HMD (yet), and instead is only available for viewing in your browser. There is a ‘coming soon’ ribbon over the section where you would normally download the video however, so it should only be a matter of time before you can try it out in your Oculus Rift or Gear VR (or whatever other HMD you may have).

We still wish the service was in 3D though and are kinda bummed it isn’t, but I’m sure that as long as the company keeps raking in the cash they will continue to upgrade the service, and hopefully stereoscopic support will come somewhere along the way.
I am curious to know what you all think though, do you like your VR porn better in 180 degrees or do you like to be able to look all around you? And how do you feel about the stereoscopy in VR porn, do you find it a necessity or can you do without it?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and as always…

Happy Fapping!

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