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Everyone knows who Donald Trump is (why, he’s only set to be the next President of the United States of America)!

Whether he wants to build a 17 billion dollar wall or he’s talking about how much of a dirty skank Hillary Clinton is, he always seems to be doing something mind-blowingly uproarious, but what about his actions in bed?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in ‘the Donald’s’ shoes when he ‘Grabs that Pussy’? Do you want to?
No? Well too bad, because PornHub and Badoink VR have teamed up to give you that experience in VR regardless! In their best porn parody yet, titled ‘The Donald Trump Sex Tape: A XXX Parody by BadoinkVR,’ you get to play the role of the next great President of the US of A, doing what the Donald does best; Grabbing that Pussy!
To give our old pal Trump some credit, we’ll put things in his own words:
“It’s gonna be HUUUUUUUUUUUGE”

Who exactly is Trump going to be fucking, in this *revolutionary* 180-degree porn video you ask (and before you say ‘The American Public”, try to remember this is a VR Porn film with certain limitations; and no, it isn’t his daughter you perverts)?
He’ll be fucking lovely porn stars Subil Arch, and the beautiful Brittany Amber, playing the respective roles of his hot wife Melania and long-time Trump supporter, Sarah Palin (You disgust me, Sarah).
As soon as I entered this VR video and took a quick look around (and not to complain, but) I noticed that Trump’s/My Dick was much, much too large. I mean, it’s not gargantuan, but we all know the Don isn’t that big. As much as I love the guy, I kind of feel that if I looked into his pants (not that I’d want to, mind you) I would see something that strongly resembles a peanut, in both shape and size.

Other than that I can’t complain, PornHub and Badoink VR did an excellent job in making this experience sexy and immersive, but not to the point where you’d actually want to be the guy. In fact, if you’re a supporter you might want to skip this one as the actors incessant babbling about annoying, and unusual

things can be somewhat ingratiating, and it might remind you of how bothersome the real life Trump can sometimes be.
His political references are however, quite hilarious, not because he’s funny though, but because of the way they have portrayed his overall stupidity. Around the beginning of this quite humorous VR film, while Melania is sucking Donald’s dick, Trump comments on how he is thinking of Hillary Clinton (Nasty, but oh-so-funny)!

Then he amps things up a notch and says he could poop on Sarah and Melania and he wouldn’t lose voters, and given the results of tonight’s election, we guess that wasn’t too far from the truth!

Thank you Badoink VR and Porn Hub for this entertaining and very odd experience, and May God Help Us All.

Click on the pic below or this link to check it out, for only 1 dollar!

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