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Since virtual reality is rapidly gaining popularity, it was only a matter of time before virtual reality pornography met up with the oh-so-pleasurable world of simulated sex. Truly enough, there are already a number of gadgets out in the market that can aid men and women alike in gaining the ultimate virtual sex experience (uuuultiiiiiimaaaate!!) and yes that is awesome. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these dirty devices shall we?



The Primum Mobile of the male masturbation world, the word “fleshlight” is a clever portmanteau (combo-word) combining the words “flesh” (for it’s soft fleshy material) and “flashlight” (because well, it looks like a flashlight). With dozens of different design variations covering the gamut from aliens and monsters to plain old lips and assholes, there really is something for everybody. You can even get them in the shape of your favorite pornstars vulva, mouth, or anus! While there isn’t a teledildonic version of the fleshlight per se, for a little under $60 you can get the VStroker add-on which allows you to connect any regular fleshlight to your PC for interactive enjoyment.

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Come gimme a kiss.

OhMiBod Bluemotion

Vibrating undies controlled by your smartphone? Yes please! The OhMiBod wearable Bluemotion NEX|1 promises to make long-distance relationships easier (and more fun) by allowing you to get your partner off from afar, at the touch of a button; which sounds great in practice, and a whole lot of fun. The device itself looks something akin to a sleek and futuristic maxipad, with a well placed bump for clitoral stimulation.

Well it’s quite obvious that the device is contoured to fit a woman, it’s not hard to imagine it would probably feel good regardless of what parts you’ve got going. At the very least it looks like it could spice things up a little and we can’t help but think it would be loads of fun to watch our girlfriends squirm around while pleasing their pussies in a public place.

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OhMiBod Bluemotion Magical maxi-pad of pleasure….

LovePalz Hera & Zeus

– Featuring full motion-sensing technology these devices are what the Teledildonics world is all about. Both of these toys are completely unique in the sense that they are the only teledildonic devices we have seen that rely on embedded air pumps which both sense and alter pressure in order to simulate the sensations of real sex.
With support for laptops, smartphones, tablets and PC’s you can connect to your partner anywhere they can find an internet connection; and the devices support same-sex coupling so two girls or two guys can get each other off just the same.
About the only qualm we have with the devices are the price; both hera and zeus will set you back $378 a pair or $189 a piece, making them some of the more expensive teledildonic toys we have seen to date.
As an odd mention, sex toys isn’t all the company sells. They also offer high quality headphones called the “labodi” in their shop.

This is of course nowhere near a conclusive list of what’s available, but these are some of the most talked about teledildonics devices out there at the moment; and while the world of simulated sex and virtual reality are still in their early days, it’s clear that the potential is enormous. This side of the technology market is developing rapidly due to the massive demand that is being generated and I think we are bound to see all sorts of distance-enabled and automated devices begin to surface as we move ever closer towards the coming VR multiverse. There have already been a number of videos out on popular media that depict virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift putting a person into a totally new world where they experience some form of immersive sexual adventure. The day seems really close when we will get to experience this virtual reality experience fully merging with our physical reality – it really is an exciting (and arousing) time to be alive!

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