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Now that we are closing the gap between what is real and what isn’t, I find myself getting curious about what kinds of limits society may want to impose upon the virtual meta-verse. What was once acceptable viewing on a 2d monitor, may not necessarily be considered an acceptable experience in a virtual reality headset and understandably so, as the immersion factor allows a program to touch upon our psyche in ways that were previously out of reach.
Should VR have limitations that temper it’s ability to effect us in a (possibly) negative manner?

Take for example popular hentai games like those that Japanese company Illusion creates. In their game – Premium Play Darkness -, the focus is on rape; which is not at all uncommon in the genre.
In 2d there is a certain amount of disconnect from the experience that I believe acts as a sort of a psychological “buffer zone” which keeps us from becoming too involved in the whole thing. It ends up being so far removed from reality that it feels more like a harmless fantasy then anything else (which is how I believe it was intended); but when you are playing it in VR (via a 3rd party driver such as Tridef provides; the game is not made for VR) that buffer zone is removed, or at least considerably reduced, and for all intents and purposes it feels as if you are actually there witnessing the whole thing, or being a part of the action yourself.
So we go from playing a naughty game and having a rape fantasy, to being in that game and taking part in a world where we are witnessing the act firsthand.
I would imagine that is a rather large difference as far as our subconscious is concerned.

should there even be a line?
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should there even be a line?

So the question is, where do we draw the line? With VR nearly anything is possible. Rape, murder, torture, bestiality, underage sex, and everything else that is taboo or just plain wrong can be made real and viscerally tangible to our minds; and will the ability to experience such things in such a way be a good thing or a bad thing? Will the ability to commit a crime in VR help stave off the urges of those who might be at risk of such horrific crimes in the real world, or will it just exacerbate the situation and push people further than they would have gone otherwise?
Do we allow people the right to find out and wait until the proper studies have been done to assess the risk, or do we instill those barriers and limitations now in a hope to avoid any potential problems before they happen?
It’s not so much a question of morality as it is a pragmatic consideration of how people will react.

It’s something to think about at any rate, and such considerations may have the power to seriously alter the future of not only Oculus Rift Porn, but VR in general.

Let us know whether or not you think there should be limitations placed on the VR experience, and what those limitations should be in the comments below.

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