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  • Comfort Rating 88%
  • Visual 83%
  • Audio 57%
  • Immersion 90%


Arousal Rating

Disclaimer: The above ratings are purely subjective and are in no way meant to reflect the opinion of anybody but the author; and as such are subject to the authors whim. Please give the reviewed program or website a try regardless of what you read here. YMMV.


This game is all sorts of freaky fun! Initial thoughts regarding this game (before we actually tried it) were that it was just a quick throw together without much real substance, with added physics as a schtick to make things interesting.  I am happy to say this game is all that, and more!
XStoryPlayer is really all sorts of a good time. You can pretty much have your way with the girls, sticking whatever you can find lying around, on them and inside them, and fiddle all their happy-holes to your heart… errr penises, content! The graphics are nothing stellar as far as the environments go, but they are by no means terrible, and the girls themselves look pretty good; and with a less than $10 price tag, you can’t really lose. There are a couple of additions that we would like to see, like actual voice dialogue from the girls (currently it’s all subs) but the game is still in development so hopefully we will see such additions in the future.
If you like the idea of lifting up a girls skirt without her permission and giving her cute little butt a spank before you make her puddle on the floor, and don’t really care about realism (your partner doesn’t move much), XStoryPlayer is sure to please.



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