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  • Comfort Rating 91%
  • Visual 90%
  • Audio 85%
  • Immersion 88%


Arousal Rating

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“Love Raper” – School hamedol project

The story of a school girl (gotta love Japan) who wants to become an idol and is willing to do anything to get there.
Figuring out how to download and run this game if you don’t understand Japanese is a bit of a challenge, once you get the files you need running it should be as easy as any other game as it doesn’t require any installation.
If it doesn’t work for you, you may need to run it using Japanese AppLocale so we have linked you to a nice tutorial at HongFire to help get you started.
The game itself is quite nice – even if we can’t understand the majority of what is going on, the girl is quite cute and seeing her tiny little body getting touched, licked and sucked while hearing her soft mews of pleasure is a definite turn-on, especially in the Rift.
Getting rift support to work is as easy as plugging in your headset and clicking a button, which was a relief given it’s foreign origins; and the main menu itself is in English as well so navigating around is no trouble at all.
All in all we consider this one of our favorite VR porn experiences so far, mostly because we are such big fans of hentai, but the game itself is as well put together as some of the more popular English games so it’s worth the slight bit of hassle to get it working.

If you’re having a hard time finding out where to find the files you need, just get them through these links and you’ll be fapping away to cute little VR vagina in no time!

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Uploaded.net: 01 02

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