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  • Comfort Rating 93%
  • Visual 92%
  • Audio 89%
  • Immersion 93%


Arousal Rating

Disclaimer: The above ratings are purely subjective and are in no way meant to reflect the opinion of anybody but the author; and as such are subject to the authors whim. Please give the reviewed program or website a try regardless of what you read here. YMMV.

A short but sweet MMD scene featuring Kagamine Len getting ridden cowgirl by Hatsune Miku on a bed, Miku and Len Sex Hotel is one of the more well put-together and enjoyable anime-themed VR porn experiences we have tried to date, and doesn’t disappoint.

Packaged as 2 separate demos, there are 2 different viewpoints to enjoy which is a nice touch by the author. First you have your standard, free roaming camera fare – and as an added bonus there is an appropriately scaled POV version where you are looking out from Lens eyes as you enjoy watching Miku sliding her lithe little body back and forth on your animated organ while she moans with pleasure, which is a nicely arousing experience and definitely turned me on; although you may need to adjust the camera position to avoid some clipping issues depending on your particular setup.

The graphics are similar to the majority of the other MMD demos out there, which is to be expected; The frames were steady on our 780/fx8350 rig, and the animations are smooth and well done. There are a few very minor clipping issues, such as Lens penis slipping out of its mark when Miku really gets going and Miku falling slightly into the bed in a few spots, but they weren’t something that is likely to detract from how horny the scene gets you, assuming of course you are into this sort of thing.

Overall this is standard MMD fare that is so well put together it makes it a touch above the rest. The only complaint is that it is too short, with the animations running through their cycle in about a minute, but they do repeat and hey, if you are like most of the rest of us males, a minute or two is all you need. 😉

Be sure to try it out!

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