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Panocam 3D - Lapdance 2

Oldie but a goodie…

Another excellent example of what the future of Virtual Reality Porn has in store for us. While Lapdance 2 (and its predecessor, Lapdance) is beginning to show its age now, when it first arrived on the scene it was nothing short of revolutionary). What follows is our video excerpt from a few years ago:

With full 360° headtracking giving you the ability to look in any direction, it’s not difficult to imagine how this could be used in amazing ways as the technology evolves. The model is gorgeous, and watching her sultry moves is enough to make any semi-sentient life-form horny.  It would be nice to get a little more use out of the head-tracking in this video, as in this particular example the model stays  in front of you for pretty much the entire time, rendering the majority of the 360 degrees available, somewhat extraneous to the enjoyment of the film.

Overall it’s a great experience just like its predecessor; comfortable to watch and a definite turn on!

  • Comfort rating 95%
  • Sexiness 88%
  • Immersion 95%


VR-ousal Rating

Disclaimer: The above ratings are purely subjective and are in no way meant to reflect the opinion of anybody but the author; and as such are subject to the authors whim. Please give the reviewed program or website a try regardless of what you read here. YMMV.

Producer: Panocam 3D

Running Length: 3:51

3D: Yes

Cam Shaking: NONE

Binaural Sound: No

FOV: 360°

Genres: Black Hair, Lapdance, Softcore, Solo

Performers: Unknown

Compatible Headsets: Oculus Rift, GearVR, HTC Vive, Smartphone

Teledildonics Compatibility: NONE

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