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  • Comfort Rating 95%
  • Visual 92%
  • Audio 80%
  • Immersion 93%


Arousal Rating

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The debut title from indie adult game studio, lollipopvr; Eve’s Moonlight Strip is about as close as you can come to experiencing a real life strip-show, minus the smelly patrons and testosterone fueled cat-calling.
Featuring quality motion captured movement, and put together in Unreal Engine 4, the experience is nicely polished (for an indie title); but it does have a few slightly-aggravating issues that bear mentioning.
The texturing on Eve’s body could use a little sprucing up and her face could use a little work. There is some distracting stretching in the area around her lady-parts as well as what looks to be some weighting issues around her neck (resulting in a twisted appearance); but it’s nothing that can’t be overlooked, especially when you are busy watching her work that  little ass back and forth against a lucky pole. Currently the player can not move, only look about with the headtracking the Oculus Rift provides, which leads to a somewhat frustrating inability to get a good look at what would likely be some of her sexiest shots; and though the one song currently in the game fits the mood well, more variety is definitely needed.
It’s a given that many players will likely want to spend more than a few minutes taking in the show, and listening to the same song over and over again could become aggravating quickly.

Aside from these – somewhat minor – details, the experience is still hot and we think that lollipopvr has given us a nice taste of something that will grow to be special indeed. Given that this is the first iteration of the title (the dev assured us there is an upgraded version launching soon) we think that they are doing a fine job of things; and all in all, the games 7 Euro (9 US) price tag seems justified.
Watching Eve get her groove on is certainly nice to behold, and considering the fact you are likely to spend much less on Eve than you would in a real life strip club, the ten bucks she’s asking is but a pittance; so long as things continue to grow.

If you like the idea of watching cute virtual girls get their groove on in a private show (who doesn’t?), you’re search begins here.



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