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  • Comfort Rating 45%
  • Visual 30%
  • Audio 35%
  • Immersion 30%


Arousal Rating

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Captain Starloins Sexy Space Adventure

11/13/2015 Update: It looks like the Captain has finally given up completely on this project as the website is no longer around. Thankfully there is an archive of the website available on the WaybackMachine at web.archive.org so I have updated the above link with that just in case anybody still gives a shit and wants to look at what the fuss was (not) about. You aren’t missing much.
This demo can best be explained in two words, sad affair.
With high hopes for what the Captain would bring to the VR Porn Multiverse, it is somewhat disheartening to admit that this project really hasn’t amounted to anything worth spending your time on; at least not in its current iteration.
Filled with bugs, horrible graphics and even worse gameplay, Captain Starloin disappoints on all fronts; but there is some entertainment value there if you find a glitchy-girl bent up a-la-exorcist style, hungrily trying to latch on to your penis, entertaining (I did).  To be fair to the creator(s), the Captains Space romp is one of the first sexual forays into the VR World and is only meant as a testament for what is to come, so they were treading new territory to be sure; but truth be told, if this is what’s to come (notice we don’t say cum) then we don’t really want any.
So if a big steaming pile of meh is what gets you going and blocky chicks who try to pounce your peen like they have palsy turns you on, be sure to take a sniff of the Captains steaming pile today.



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