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  • Comfort Rating 95%
  • Visual 92%
  • Audio 85%
  • Immersion 93%


Arousal Rating

Disclaimer: The above ratings are purely subjective and are in no way meant to reflect the opinion of anybody but the author; and as such are subject to the authors whim. Please give the reviewed program or website a try regardless of what you read here. YMMV.

ArminGettingFucked comes to us courtesy of reddit user OculusAnime, who has taken supporting protagonist from the popular anime and manga series “Attack on Titan” (Shingeki no KyojinArmin Arlert, and placed him (in case you are out of the loop author of the series, Isayama Hajime, confirmed Armin’s sex in the November 2014 issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine; but the confirmation later turned out to be a joke) in two naughty virtual scenes for hentai lovers to enjoy; One where you can watch Armin masturbate and impale himself anally on a stick and another where Armin is getting fucked in the ass by a Futanari (girl with penis) version of the main female protagonist of the series, Mikasa Ackerman.
While earlier iterations of the demo were somewhat problematic, having some performance problems even on our FX-8350/GTX 780 rig, the issues have been ironed out and this is now one of the smoothest and more enjoyable anime porn experiences on the Rift to date; at least insofar as the smaller demos are concerned.
Featuring crisp graphics, minimal queasiness (this one is likely more attributed to me than to the game itself, as I have a hard time with slow movement in the Rift and there seems to be no way to move quickly about), decent sound and the ability to cum on command and change facial expressions (as well as grow Armin’s penis as big or small as you want it and move it about in the Futanari scene), there is a good deal of fun to be had with this demo, so if you are into this sort of thing it is definitely worth checking out!

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