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  • Comfort Rating 90%
  • Visual 90%
  • Audio 85%
  • Immersion 85%


Arousal Rating

Disclaimer: The above ratings are purely subjective and are in no way meant to reflect the opinion of anybody but the author; and as such are subject to the authors whim. Please give the reviewed program or website a try regardless of what you read here. YMMV.


– Now here is a game worth talking about!   3DXChat is definitely at the top of our list of favorite VR Porn experiences to date; with sexy characters, gorgeous graphics, great sound and a multiplayer mode, we have yet to have a sessions where we didn’t enjoy ourselves or get at least a little bit turned on.
The game is not without its issues however; annoying bugs such as our avatars getting stuck in furniture and the occasional disappearing partner (watching your character trying to lick the couch is always good for a laugh) definitely detract from the overall enjoyment, the point-and-click control scheme is frequently aggravating and they have yet to implement a first person POV (which makes the VR implementation less-than-perfect); but the team regularly updates the game, more than most games we have seen in fact, so we don’t think it will be too long before these small issues get ironed out.
Overall, 3DXChat is definitely worth paying for, just don’t forget to save some of your hard earned cash for a little extra tissue.



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