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It took a while to get things working (especially the positional tracking) but now that we’ve got all the kinks smoothed out I figured I had better get on here and give everybody an update and let you all know where we have been with our very own VRSexSpot Oculus Rift DK2 Review!
Let me start by saying the Oculus Rift DK2 is as huge of a leap forward as I ever could have hoped for. Yes there are still some issues, which is to be expected given the “still devkit” condition of this second iteration, but these are minor in comparison to the DK1; and seeing such a big improvement really gives me hope for the awesome VR enabled future that we are heading towards.
The positional tracking on the Rift is spot on (once you get it working; we had to butcher our PC in the process) and it definitely adds another layer of immersion.
In fact, one of our more enjoyable discoveries of the last few days, is the fact that the dk2 camera has a much larger range of usability than was expected. You can nearly turn around completely with no issue, and provided you have the camera set a few feet away (as Oculus recommends) you can stand up and swing yourself around pretty well without the system losing track of you, though when it does lose track it is rather jarring; so as much fun as flinging yourself about in VR can be, remaining sitting will probably give you the best results.
The DK2 uses  a low-persistence 1920×1080 Pentile Oled  Samsung Note 3 display and it is a huge step up over the DK1, making watching videos such as those found on OculusRealPorn.com virtualrealporn.com that much better.

You bet your sweet behind we're having fun!
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You bet your sweet behind we’re having fun!

The blurring that was there in the DK1 has been completely eliminated in this version, and the contrast and colors are much more pronounced; And perhaps most notably, the screen-door effect has been reduced from a major distraction to a minor detail; Although you can still clearly see the pixels, the DK2’s pentile arrangement and the improved resolution have made it something that is easily overlooked (at least in my somewhat biased “year-long DK1 owner” opinion. Your mileage may vary depending on how picky you are.) and it’s not difficult to see how this kind of enhanced detail will greatly benefit the VR experience all around, most definitely that of Adult VR applications.

Speaking of Adult VR, I have to say I am a little concerned about the need for developers to update their apps with the new SDK in order for them to work on the DK2. As it is currently, the number of Oculus Rift Porn applications still numbers in just a few handfuls; most of them demos.
If developers don’t update their programs, all of the DK2 owners will be out of luck; and the bigger projects may want to wait until a consumer version of the Rift arrives before dropping any money on another model to test with.  3DXChat for example will not likely be DK2 enabled until an official release, as evidenced from this thread on their forums; and I surmise that is likely the reason that we haven’t seen more Oculus Rift Porn games, even though the demand is obvious.

So those are a few of my thoughts on the DK2 so far. I haven’t had much time to test it yet as most of my experience over the last few days was focused on getting it to work; but now that everything is running you can bet I will have a lot more to say about it in the coming weeks (months, years?).
My apologies if I have left a few things out, my excitement is mounting again and it is difficult to keep my mind on anything other than getting back into VR.

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the DK2, or how it may or may not affect Oculus Rift Porn; I personally think that it is going to change the world.

I’m going back in.

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