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With recent announcements and some snazzy new demos at the Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference in San Francisco I think it is clear to say that an Augmented Reality future is closer than anybody could have expected. With Microsoft Hololens will come the ability to snap your apps in the form of holograms, in the real world around you and even allow other people wearing similarly enabled devices to see and interact with the holograms you have placed; and perhaps even more interestingly have the ability look through your eyes and see what you are looking at, as if they were the ones standing in your place.
While the implications behind such amazing technology are huge regarding productivity and how we will interact with our computers and each other in the future, one can’t help but wonder will it blend? what potential Augmented Reality such as the Hololens holds for erotic experiences and porn.

Given recent user reports of the upgraded system that has been demoed in the last few weeks (which is now wireless and untethered in contrast to the somewhat bulky wired affair that was demoed previously), I think the idea of AR porn holds huge promise. Currently the biggest issue with Hololens is the small FOV (being likened to looking through a credit card sized window), but the holograms themselves are apparently bright and opaque which I have to say comes as quite a surprise.
Imagine being able to load up a stripper app and having your friends over to watch her dance right in your living room, or having a holographic virtual girlfriend walking around your house in just her panties that only you can see? (once the FOV is a little better that is).
And once the technology has a little more room to grow, I think we will see the ability to have holographic avatars placed over real people, so we could walk around looking like whoever we want to look like, at least to those with devices who wish to see it.
Want to see your Wife as a nude Hatsune Miku (oh, yes please), or your Husband as one of the sparkly Vamps from Twilight? Give it a few years and it could be done!!
With a willing partner (or at least an oblivious one) you could add some serious spice to your relationship with a little holographic role-play, making each other look like whatever you could imagine!

Now whether or not that is a good thing is a little difficult to say at this point, but it isn’t hard to see the potential for adding a little spice to the bedroom that would otherwise be impossible save for a wild imagination and perhaps a touch of some hallucinogen.
Regular porn could be made much more interesting as well. Imagine being able to plaster your home with windows full of your favorite porn sites that nobody else but you could see!

Ok, so that last bit is perhaps a little more pervy than most would like, but you can’t deny it is a fun idea


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