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Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, BLT’s and some of the best damn golden-arch fries in the world are just a few of the things we all know and love (or hate, depending) about McDonald’s. The brand seems almost synonymous with happiness (along with a side of obesity) these days, but did you know that McDonald’s of Sweden has taken their Happy Meal boxes and given them the Google Cardboard work-over? For a limited time, as part of the Happy Meal’s 30th anniversary in Sweden, hungry patrons who order the iconic smiley-faced kids meal can unfold the box and transform it into a rather simple (but effective) set of VR goggles to use with their smartphones.

The idea is somewhat ingenious and comes with a free download for a Virtual Reality Skiing game called “Look out (watch out) in the slopes” (“Se Upp I Backen” in Swedish), but we think McDonald’s would have done better and included a 360° video explaining to their customers just how their food can go so long without going bad.

All joking aside, it’s a great way to get kids (and their parents) interested in VR as well as a neat way for McDonald’s to up their game of keeping with the times. Although we aren’t quite certain that associating your first VR experience with the smell of old fries and stale cheeseburgers is as good of a thing as it sounds; so if you are a Swede and you are interested in VR we suggest going the distance and ordering yourself an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift, or at the very least forking out the small bit of cash it costs for an actual Google Cardboard so you can enjoy your Virtual Reality without bits of burger grease getting stuck to your face.

For the moment the Happy Goggles are undergoing a limited trial run in that country, but if successful we could see them moving out of Sweden and onto the rest of the world.
Considering how many people love McDonald’s and the pleasant face of the brand, we think it’s a great way to help spread the message that VR is here to stay.

There is one caveat though: If you are going to go out and buy these things as a cheap way to try out VR Porn, you might never be able to look at Big Mac sauce the same way again.

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