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On December 19th and 20th of 2016, one of London’s top academic institutions, Goldsmith University, will be hosting the second annual Sex Robot Festival. Dubbed ‘The International Congress on Love and Sex robots.’, last year the festival was supposed to be held in Malaysia, but got canceled for breaking certain laws involving nudity and prostitution, and for being too extreme (in other words, it sounds like our kind of festival!).

The event is going to be hosted by Dr. Kate Delvin, a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing at the University, and a well-known defender of technosexuality (human-robot relationships). Her essay ‘In Defense of Sex Robots’ has been read by over half a million people in Europe and the U.K.  

Dr. Delvin, along with other experts in the field are gathering at the University, to discuss the possibilities of technology and sex. She will also be giving an hour-long speech to everyone who attends.  

Don’t worry, however, it isn’t just going to be a bunch of scientists chatting about the future of sex, there’ll be a huge collection of Sex robots, teledildonics, and emotion/intelligence for sex software that’ll be available to the public to view, and if they’re lucky test.

Goldsmith has contacted ‘TrueCompanion,’ one of the lead sex robot manufacturers, to try and purchase a £10,000 female “Roxxxy” doll to show at the festival (no offense to Roxxxy or the people who made her, but she’s straight up hideous, at least above the neck). They’re also hoping to get some of ‘RealDolls’ debut robots to attend.

Roxxxy with Goldsmith
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Roxxxy’s cool and all, but that face!

Along with the super realistic sexbots, they’ll be featuring lead teledildonics like those which Kiiroo and Lovense provide. There’s even a rumor they’ll be selling some of these couples toys for super cheap!

No one there is going to judge people for what they like, what they find acceptable and attractive, and if someone does, Kate says they’ll be kicked out of the festival immediately.

Although plenty of people in London are against the idea of holding a sex robot fest, and sex with robots in general, Dr. Delvin and the other minds at Goldsmith believe that it’s an excellent opportunity to learn and experience what the future holds.

“A machine is a blank slate — it is what we make of it. Why should a sex robot be binary? What about the potential for therapy? It’s time for new approaches to artificial sexuality.” she said. Just like real sex, there will be people who are addicted to having sex with robots and teledildonics.

Joel Snell, an expert in robotics at the Kirkwood College, said ‘’Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed.’’ There’d also be people who’d isolate themselves completely from the rest of the world once these products are affordable, but that doesn’t mean that they should be banned. Experts predict by the year 2070 robots will have eradicated prostitution, sex slavery, and sex trafficking altogether.

Unlike prostitutes the robots couldn’t be mistreated (unless by then they have real human emotions), and they wouldn’t have to fake love for their clients.

“I think robots could become our lovers in the future,” Dr. Devlin said. “Does love have to be reciprocated in order to be valid?”.

The festival is an excellent opportunity not only for those who like the idea of using teledildonics and robots but for those who are uncertain. They’ll get to learn about the pros of ‘digital sex,’ instead of just the cons.  

Sex Robot fucking
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The future of sex right here.

Dr. Delvin believes that soon people won’t see these robots purely for sex, but to replace partners entirely, which could be a pro to some people, while to other people the idea might seem very intimidating.

She says that “Our research aims to carve a new narrative, moving away from sex robots purely defined as machines used as sex objects, as substitutes for human partners, made by men, for men.”.

As Dr. Kate Delvin puts it, these robots won’t, however, be entirely for men. The same company that made the Roxxxy Doll, has just released v 3 of the male sex robot, ‘Rocky’, and Goldsmith is hoping to be able to feature him at the festival as well.

So ‘The International Congress on Love and Sex robots’ isn’t just for horny guys who want to get a look at some sexy toys (it can be, however), it’s for anyone who is interested in the future of robotics, and sex in general. As long as you’re are over 18, and can pay the £200 entry fee, you’re welcome to join!

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