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You’ve probably heard of Tokyo’s animal cafes, and Bangkok’s blowjob bars, but did you know that the Worlds first Sex Robot Cafe will soon be opening in London? Once a city that was well known for its large brothels, as time progressed, laws got passed to prevent any work involving prostitution, so this is the first time in over 100 years Londoners can legally buy sex;  and it’s all thanks to world-renown entrepreneur Bradley Charvet! Last year, Bradley announced his plans to open Switzerland’s first blowjob cafe (with real women, not robots), and has now expanded on that dream to include a sex robot cafe in London, and potentially the rest of the world, as well. Saying that his goal is to change men’s morning routines all over the world, he believes that if prostitution were legal, people wouldn’t have a problem with sex slavery and trafficking. Since robots aren’t people, laws don’t apply to them, so sex cafes and bars featuring robots instead of human beings seems like a natural step; and they can be opened virtually anywhere in the world, even if the County has a very strict sex work legislation.

Japans Sex Robot Cafe
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Still not as weird (or awesome) as this

Bradley also believes that these cafes should stay professional, he doesn’t want them to be like typical strip clubs where women are often disrespected and mistreated. Unlike strip clubs: the cafe won’t be open 24\7, and won’t even run late at night (to avoid all those creepy people who only come out when everyone else is asleep). Instead, it will be open from 6 AM to 9 PM, so anybody waking up in the middle of the night with a boner is kind of out of luck; at least insofar as sex robot blowjob cafes are concerned.

The people of London have just recently begun to embrace the idea of sex robots; GoldSmith University is hosting London’s very first sex robot festival, and very few Londoners are vocally against the concept of Bradleys robo-cafe, as they understand that the pros of sex robots outweigh the cons. Charvet said:
“It’s not ridiculous to think about this idea right now. You could not imagine how many people are ready to give sex robots a try in 2016. We asked thousands of potential customers, and they were very curious and eager”.
So it would appear they have done their research. It isn’t hard to see how this could be beneficial for the human race, but as with anything controversial, there are two sides we need to look at:

Pros of sexbots

  • People who don’t want, or can’t have a partner, can have sex with robots instead of hiring illegal prostitutes.
  • They can put an end to prostitution, pedophilia, sex slavery and trafficking.
  • You can’t accidentally get your sexbot pregnant (BIG pro).

Cons of sexbots

  • Sex addictions could potentially be much harder to cure, ”Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed.” ~ Robotic Expert Joel Snell
  • Sex Robots won’t be able to love their owners back (this could be seen as a pro by some, and in certain situations).
  • Some people will isolate themselves completely from the rest of the world, not needing to see anybody other than their robots (again, this could be considered a pro).

Although most people in England and the UK are happy with the sex robot cafe, some people still believe what it represents is wrong and disgusting. Bradley believes that once the public has had the chance to use them, in time, sex with robots could soon become a regular part of human life, and as common place as normal sex. He wants everybody to be able to use sexbots, without putting holes in their pockets, so he’s charging a fair price of £60 for a 15 minute BJ and a Hot Espresso (yup, you can get a cup o’ joe with your BJ. *Now* you’re beginning to see how cool this is!).

Sex Robot carrying Jessica Rabbit
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Mankind has been dreaming of sex robots for a long time

“We did not want to change anyone’s routine; we just wanted to introduce another idea, another concept. Our goal was not to compete with London’s escorts, so we settled on a price in keeping with that market. Sex workers are suffering because so many people offer low price services. We respect them and don’t want to oppose their interests.”.

Along with the price, people wanting to go to the cafe are probably wondering exactly how sanitary it is. After all, you are putting your dick into a robot that’s been giving every other client a blowjob, right? Bradley has been speaking to the doll companies about making them self-cleaning, but for the time being, they are going to have to be cleaned manually by an escort, “We are discussing a solution with the doll company. It’s going to be more or less like escorts are doing at the moment.”, so as long as you don’t mind a bit of a dirty cup, you’re good to go (ick).

Unfortunately for the ladies, the sex robot cafe is only aimed at men since all the dolls are female, and likely have no talent in pussy licking whatsoever, but Charvet assures us that it is on the way. Either way, I think it’s a fantastic idea. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of getting a good start to the day by having your dick sucked while you slurp down a hot cup o’ Joe?

Bradley Charvet, you are a Genius!


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