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Kiiroo – The Sexy Platform we all Need!

Your innovative and expensive teledildonic device has arrived at your doorstep and you want to experience the impersonal pleasure that only sex with a stranger across a long distance can bring? Maybe your girlfriends gone out of style but you do not want to risk catching a disease sneaking around? Or maybe, just maybe your Wife is at work and you want to give her a quickie from the confines of your own dirty basement.  Kiiroo could be your solution; a social network that has promised us the eventual goal of letting users experience a virtual intimate touch.

What is Kiiroo?

Kiiroo is an up and cumming [sic] social platform that boasts integration with their proprietary male and female teledildonic sex toys.  It might not be able to fulfill all of your kinky desires but being able to bang somebody you are chatting with across the globe is definitely awesome. According to their Indiegogo campaign, they will allow users to have sex with anyone in the world – regardless of their location – just because it can be done.

Our Thoughts

Not everything that they have featured in their campaign is as enticing as we like. Their Youtube infomercial for one could definitely be a little spruced up; it gets the job done but it doesn’t scream out to us the way a scantily clad maiden in the throes of our passionate embrace would (and we know, because we totally have tons of scantily clad maidens in our arms all of the time) and the names for the devices are anything but attractive to our native-English speaking ears.
Svir and OPue; rolls off the tongue like a droplet of week old animal splooge.  Perhaps if we were Swedish? (apologies to any swedes out there)

Teledildonics devices are far from new so that’s really nothing special at this stage in the game, but we do feel it would be pretty cool to have a social network that allows you to have sex with people virtually online, and the ability to bang a completely random stranger definitely holds some appeal. So regardless of whether or not the devices look like the latest e-cig kit does not play a high factor in whether or not we would join considering they at least live up to their expectations.









What The Creator of Kiiroo has to Say

According to Toon Timmermans, the creator of the platform, this new company is looking to provide the community with intimacy in a virtual environment. Together along with Reno Voet – his business partner –  they ran an Indiegogo campaign which ended in early March and they only managed to raise a little over $35,000, which leaves them around $64,000 short from their objective. The good news is since they went through Indiegogo’s flexible-funding campaign option, they are able to profit the money that they raised regardless of whether or not they reached their goal, so development continues.

The devices themselves are a little expensive with SVir pre orders going at a discount price of $149.00 from $219.00 and OPue putting you back a much more reasonable $69.00, down from $99.00; and while it’s not a sure thing that the platform will be Oculus Rift compatible, Toon is not opposed to the idea so we might see integration in the future.

So what are your thoughts on Kiiroo? Is it something that you would join? Do you think these guys can pull it off?




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