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Always on the lookout for the latest in Adult related Virtual Reality Entertainment news, a couple of weeks ago we stumbled across a rather unobtrusive signature link on the Oculus VR developer forums advertising the up and coming Virtual Dating Simulator – One Secret Fantasy.
Curious, we took a look which sparked our imaginations and prompted us to write this article talking a little bit about what we seen and thought about the idea; but we felt that we may have left people wanting and we never actually knew enough to say much about the game itself and what it was really about.
Given that there wasn’t actually that much information on the site itself (which is likely because the game itself is still in early development), we reached out towards the projects creator – Raynold – for an interview; and he gladly obliged.

Looks good to us Raynold!
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Looks good to us Raynold!

Hello Raynold, on your website you advertise your game as “One of the best virtual dating games”, other than having support for Virtual Reality devices like the Rift, what do you think will make One Secret Fantasy stand out from the rest?

We regard this as one of the best virtual dating games, because first of all, our integration, with 3rd party devices. Think of, of course the Rift but also other devices like, PrioVR / Sixense STEM, Virtuix Omni and if the player decides to enable it, the vStroker. But also because of the flexibility of the game itself, you can decide where you want to go, what you want to do (Think of the Sims, but in First Person of course). Go to your job, to earn some money to be able to buy dinner with that lovely guy or girl you’ve met the night before in the club, or at the grocery store.

As we mentioned in our previous article about your game, currently your website is little more than a bit of text describing the project and some cute renders of people we would, in fact, like to date (virtually of course). Are these renders taken from a prototype of the game itself, or are they simply placeholders you have showcasing the style of art you are hoping to achieve?

These pictures are real renders, taken in our 3d modelling software. We are not sure these assets will be used in game, because currently the looks of the assets are very different from one another. We are shooting for one clear line and will be developing a real and convincing experience, so the assets will all have the same style. The pictures on the website, are pictures of what we are capable of and will be the level of assets we have in our game.

In this day and age we can achieve levels of immersion that were previously impossible thanks largely to Oculus VR and everything they have done to bring Virtual Reality into the mainstream. With the Oculus Rift and similar HMD’s it is possible for a person to become so involved in the computer generated landscape that it almost feels as if they are walking around in real life; do you foresee any potential problems arising from such a high level of engagement, like perhaps a lonely person or somebody fresh from a breakup becoming so addicted to a relationship within the game that they require professional assistance (counselling, therapy) in order to cope without it, or becoming emotionally involved with the game to the point of losing interest in real human interactions?

You definitely hit a tricky point of Virtual Reality there, I believe these issues will be presented in all Virtual Reality games, not only dating games (even though, love will be a very strong factor that can make a person ‘hooked’). So we are definitely cautious about how to approach this new world. We are trying to come up with some visual cues that don’t disturb the experience in game. We are aware of the fact, that this can cause some ‘Inception’ problems, where people want this to be the real world and even people believing this is the real world. We always have the option to disconnect the player, when one has been running the game for more than a certain amount of time, but that is a drastic option and we would like to avoid implementing that option. It is a scary time to live in, but definitely a wonderful time.

What got you interested in the idea developing an adult dating game in the first place?

Raynold: I’ve tried so many adult games over the past few years, some were good, some were bad and then the Oculus Rift came and I thought this will be awesome, the possibilities are endless. So I went on the search for some Oculus Rift enabled games, some had good Rift integration but the game was boring and probably just another tech demo. Then the bigger adult games came with Oculus Rift integration, but the integration was awful. So I applied as a developer on a great adult game, that was pretty much dying but the game had potential to be a great VR adult game. The owner was interested in having me as a developer, but was very slow in his response time. Asking him a question and waiting a month for an answer, just wasn’t promising. So then and there I decided, I am going to create the best Virtual Dating Game myself, where you can experience this game in a way people never have felt before. So I gathered together some developers and started working on a plan.

Your plans for 3rd party integration with One Secret Fantasy have definitely aroused our “curiosity”; could you tell our readers a bit more about what kinds of interactions you have in mind?

We want the player to experience our game in a way that closely resembles real life. As of now, the Rift is awesome but it doesn’t provide a complete experience -YET. We need other things, especially touch. There are a lot of hardware solutions to provide such experiences, however most of them are either based on watching videos or are rushed integrations. How much interaction can a video have after all? So we are planning on enabling as many 3rd party integrations we and our players can find. I highlighted that bit, because we need a community of players / interested people that will help us make the game a reality, we need input from other people and ideas so we can make this the best experience it can possibly be.

Recently we blogged about a company named FriXion which specializes in telepresence and teledildonics technology, have you thought of or do you currently have any plans for utilizing their API in your game?

FriXion’s solution is one we are keeping a close look at, because it provides a device that enables many of the things we want to support in the game, we have recently reached out to them about the possibilities and are still waiting on a reply.

The recent acquisition of Oculus VR by social media giant Facebook had caused quite a stir that was not without issue amongst VR enthusiasts and developers alike. The apprehension felt by those in the VR Porn sphere however, was more than a little palpable, as there is some worry that the acquisition could result in a “closed system” such as that which Apple employs on its devices; even though Oculus has gone on the record to state that Facebook currently has no plans to dictate what can be used on the device.Do you see any reason for concern or do you believe there is any validity to the idea? Has the acquisition had any effect on your development?

No, not at all. We are not scared of it being closed platform (We don’t think it will), but the Oculus Rift is just one piece of our puzzle. If games like ours are ever denied access to the Oculus Rift (which I doubt) there are other solutions. People want to experience games like these and there will be more than enough solutions available to provide this experience to them, regardless of whether or not Facebook tries to control the Oculus market.

Ok, we have one last bit of information that we just know everybody is waiting to hear. When can we expect to be able to play the game?

This is probably the answer you have already expected ‘We can’t tell yet’. There are momentarily too many pieces of the puzzle that need solving to give a concise answer. The device integration, for example. Where we rely on other parties to provide access and support to their devices. That’s why we need to build a big following, because that helps immensely in being noticed and we will be more likely to receive the help we need.

We wish you all the best of luck. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before we go?

Yes, remember this game centers on the dating aspect of life, where you focus on dating and finding a loved one. Although you can experience adult interaction and experiences just like in real life, you don’t start the game having adult interactions without working for it. Yes you can find prostitutes / gigolos in the game, but for that you are also going to need some in-game money; Which you can earn by doing jobs in the game (likely in the form of an entertaining mini game). That’s not all, you will also need in-game money for other relevant things, such as to buy some groceries so you can cook a great meal for your loved one, or take him or her out to dinner. You need to impress your partner, just like you would in real life (one person more than the other). The game will also have an option to disable the adult content, this will be for people that want to play the game without the adult / nude theme.

Thank you Raynold for taking the time to talk with us and for your teams dedication to the Virtual Dating scene.

If you are a prospective partner and would like to help Raynold and his team make One Secret Fantasy a reality, you can send him an email at [email protected]


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