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If things pan out the way they are supposed to, this new start-ups up-and-cumming service could be the biggest thing to hit VR Porn since, well, VR Porn!
An erotic VR startup comprised of the minds and efforts of co-founders Craig Alguire, Chris Abell and Morgan Young, Holodexxx seeks to provide their customers with interactive renders of popular adult performers, beginning with an impressive list of 9 adult-entertainment stars.
Tori Black, Riley Reid, Dani Jensen, Mia Malkova, Dani Daniels, Christian Wilde, Jynx Maze and Lexi Belle (I told you the list was impressive!).

Utilizing similar tech to that used by the more well known (but seemingly now mostly inactive), and still very active, Veiviev/VRGirlz, Holodexxx scans in adult performers by digitally stitching images of the models captured using a 112 DSLR Camera photogrammetry rig, but differs greatly in their concurrent use of a Vicon motion-capture setup to help bring the models to life inside of UE4 and their ability to animate the models for dynamic experiences.
This is a big step up from the beautiful, but somewhat boring static imagery that their competitors have been thus-far able to produce. Where VRGirlz is limited to stills (which pretty much amounts to looking at a sexy, life-like statue) or still-scans with limited movement animation (breathing or looking around), and since the writing of this post, VRGirlz has made some big advancements in this area and this recent news post details their up-and-coming plans for animation. Also, I may have been a little too critical initially regarding the experience that VRGirlz provides. After giving it another go, I believe their scans are some of the best you can get, and the VRGirlz team’s dedication to their craft is second-to-none; so please give them a try!

Holodexxx can deliver a fully animated experience with the same amazing amount of detail, and with teledildonic capabilities and use of interactive devices like the soon to be released (later this year) Oculus Touch, it looks like it will be the most involving and interactive VR Porn experience yet!


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Tori Black in VR? Shut up and take my money!!

I can only imagine how nice it would be to be able to disrobe my favorite porn-star in virtual reality and have them react to me like I’m a real person! Imagine seeing a naked and aroused Tori Black in front of you (Heard she retired from porn? She’s back for Holodexxx baby!), or a horny Lexi Belle with her beautiful pert little ass up in the air begging you to fuck her; and being able to do just that (well, virtually of course)! I personally found the VRGirlZ scans quite arousing, so I can only imagine how intense the Holodexxx experience will be, once it becomes available.
As to when that will be? Well, the website only states that it will release content sometime in 2016. We’ve reached out to the company to see if they can tell us anything more definitive and will update this article accordingly should we find out anything more. But until that time we’re all just going to have to be happy knowing that it is coming sometime in the next year and we’ll all be cumming shortly after that. Hopefully it will co-incide with the arrivals of the first consumer Rifts to all of of us fortunate enough to afford the pre-order (and those of us who spent the money even though we can’t) as that would be about the best way I can think of to christen my new device!

Holodexxx Trailer from IRIS on Vimeo.

This is all quite the testament of just how far we have come technologically, especially seeing as up until two years ago the biggest thing in porn was still 2D, and it brings to light some interesting questions. What will the world be like when having two or more real people is no longer a necessary thing for intimacy? Will people decide to do away with the deed altogether, in favor of artificial or in-vitro insemination and other such methods, and go completely digital with their desires? Will real-life sex begin to be shunned altogether as something icky and unnecessary and VR sex touted as the cleaner, more pertinent option? And how do those of you in romantic relationships think about this? Would you consider it cheating if your spouse or partner were to be caught with their pants down fucking the maid, in Virtual Reality? Leave us a comment letting us know what you think!

There is no denying that things are going to get interesting over the next year and beyond. I guess only time will tell how we are all affected by it, but it is my bet that regardless of where we end up, it is going to be a hell of a lot of fun getting there!

Happy Humping!

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