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Teledildonics is quickly developing into a booming industry, reshaping the realms of masturbation and sex the world over. Frixion.me is no stranger to the process and since last we heard of The Frixion Revolution in November of last year, it’s nice to see that this company is moving along as well as it is; because what they are offering is set to remove nearly all of the limits that the worlds of long-distance sensuality currently face.
According to Fred Buell of indienewsnow.com, Frixion.me co-founder Seth says FriXion was created with the intent to get people interacting physically at a distance; but unlike other companies boasting telemetric interaction at the heart (or pants) of the experience, FriXion promises the ability to enable virtually any device to interact with any other device using their modular API in combination with special patent and license protection; and when you really think about what that means, this  is huge.
Currently, there are dozens of haptic implemented telemetric sex toys on the market, but in every single application we have seen so far, they can only communicate with devices like themselves or those that are particularly designed to work together as a pair (like the Kiiroo Svir & Opue). By utilizing the FriXion platform however, developers will easily be able to endow their teledildonic devices with the ability to connect with everything from the somewhat simplistic net-enabled vibrator, to something as complex as a dildo-equipped Novint Falcon or perhaps even a sex-robot; provided, of course, that the developers of those devices utilize the API as well (and why wouldn’t they?).

As if all of that wasn’t enough, by allowing devices to communicate in such an open fashion, that also means that people  won’t be limited to using only 2 devices at a time, making multi-user experiences possible; Indeed, the FriXion beta allows up to 6 devices to be used simultaneously, even allowing those without a toy to get in on the action using controls that can be operated with just a keyboard and mouse. Of course the keyboard/mouse user won’t be able to feel what is happening on the other end, but keeping things open for anybody who wants to “play” is a defining move which showcases FriXion’s desire to make this something that every user can enjoy.

I think I'm in love...
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I think I’m in love…

Even syncing between games, videos and sex-toys could be easily accomplished, which could not only give us a new way to play games, but could completely rewrite the way that we interact with our technology in general; Imagine putting on your Rift and loading up your favorite OculusRealPorn.com virtualrealporn.com movie and actually being able to feel what the people in the video are feeling. I strongly believe that FriXion.me is going to play a big part in making our virtual and augmented reality enabled future as amazing as it promises to be.

If you are curious about FriXion and would like to know more, be sure to stop by Frixion.me and have a look. They are currently accepting applications for early adopters and offer some perks to those who sign up, so don’t forget to request an invite if you want to be a part of what FriXion will be.

If you are interested in developing with such interactivity in mind, you can reach the company via email at [email protected]

Let’s make some FriXion!


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