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If you haven’t heard of Utherverse and the Red Light Center by now, you’re either living under a rock or the truth of your existence on our planet is dubious. In either case you’ve been missing out some of the many various pleasures that planet Earth has to offer, not the least of which is quite likely the biggest (and arguably the best) Massively Multiplayer online Adult game in existence; and if you just so happen to be one of those lucky millions of people who have played the game you are probably wondering why the hell I am writing about it when it has no Virtual Reality support? Follow me down the rabbit-hole and I shall enlighten thee to the mysteries of the Video Game Porn realms.

Red Light Center is an adult mmo that is vaguely reminiscent of that other popular online game of Linden Labs fame; only better, and sexier…  Muchsexier (think 3dxchat meets SL and you’re getting the idea).

“What of it” you ask?

-Enter the new Curio Browser and RLC 2.0-

Curio is the new and improved Utherverse Client (much like a viewer in SL) which connects you to the RLC 2.0 game world and everything that comes along with it. The game itself is robust and attractive (we’ll get to that in a moment or two), but the best part about it all?
Red Light center 2.0 is Oculus Rift enabled

You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

The good folk at Utherverse were kind enough to provide me with a VIP account to review the software and after spending some time meandering through and around its various clubs and alleyways I feel it’s safe to say that while currently still in it’s infancy (RLC 2.0 is currently in closed beta and only accessible if you are already a VIP member) the future of this game looks sexy indeed!

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the new system is a substantial graphical overhaul, and though the quality of the game may not be quite what we would call “top-tier” in comparison to graphical monsters like FarCry 4, things have most undoubtedly been greatly improved over the previous iteration and the entire experience has been given one big cock-hardening face lift. The character models in the game are rather nice to look at, with the very blocky bod’s of the original platform being replaced with only slightly-blocky yet tantalizingly curvy detail from head to toe. In fact, whenever I play I often catch myself idly wandering along like a lost puppy while I’m stuck staring at the cute behind (I’m a sucker for miniskirts) of one of the games many beautiful residents; quite likely coming across as a bit of a creep in the process.
Thankfully the RLC community has me covered there as the majority of people I have met through the platform seem to be as friendly (and horny) as I tend to be and not a single person seemed to mind; though I would still advise those looking to take part in the action to do so with the regular modicum of respect, as with any online game those are real people behind many of the hot avatars you will see populating the games locales, and they quite obviously deserve to be treated as such.

While touching on the topic of the different places you can travel to in the game it bears mentioning that although the current beta is still somewhat limited in number as far as official RLC 2.0 spaces go, there are multiple locations not accessible through the starting hub that can be reached by typing the appropriate URL into Curio’s address field, in much the same fashion as other similar games in the genre; and many of them are absolutely gorgeous. If you happen to be a heterosexual male such as myself, a great place to start would be the Night Candy Gentleman’s Club to catch a show from one of the game’s patrons-cum-performers, just be sure to pick up some rays (the Utherverse’s exchangeable in-game currency) and toss the girls a tip!  From nightclubs replete with stripper poles and bars, to sunny beaches and even a haunted house, there is a little something here for everybody; so if you decide to try it out (and you should) be sure to have a good look around!

Ok, that’s all great Guy; Now tell us about the sex

Thankfully, I had the good fortune of getting a brief tour of the games more *ahem* adult features by a few long-time Utherverse regulars (It did take a bit of searching to find a willing partner; It seems not everybody is swayed by the “Hi! I write for such and such a website and I’m doing a review on this game. Will you have sex with me?” shtick), the beautiful and charismatic “Be” (BeyondProduction) and an equally gorgeous dominatrix who goes by the name of Lotta  “LottaPussyGalore” (her name changes alot apparently), both of whom have created a number of the different locations in this version and the last; and while the sexual functions weren’t perfect and had a few bugs here and there, it wasn’t hard (well, something was) to see the generous amount of potential that this game holds as becoming a premium adult experience worth spending your money on.
Most of the bugs I experienced were minor issues that were easily forgettable (and certainly forgiveable), but they did detract from the immersion enough to make them noticeable. Getting our avatars to line up properly when attempting to fuck on the bed for example, posed a bit of an issue which frequently resulted in a somewhat humorous (but still kind of hot) display of “air humping”; and a few of the various sexual functions either didn’t work as intended, or didn’t work at all.
Aside from these few legitimate gripes, I experienced some small – botheration’s – concerning general browser functionality, but these were so easily overlooked and just as likely to have been an issue with my PC as anything else so I won’t bother going into any more detail than that about them here.

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You mentioned this thing was compatible with the Rift?

Unfortunately, there is a reason that I left this topic until later in the post. I didn’t want to disappoint all of you VR fans before you got through reading about the better parts of the game.
While I told you that the Curio browser works with the Rift – and it does to a certain extent, Presently VR support in this game is almost entirely broken.
Before I elaborate, let me further clarify that the Rift support in Curio is a beta feature in a beta program and given that I never found another player with a Rift during my time playing I really can’t say if any of the issues that surfaced were specific to me and my setup, or if they are problems that manifest themselves across the board.

In other words, it is quite possible and even perhaps likely that your mileage may vary (except regarding the first issue in the list below as it is currently necessary to hide the UI in order to enable VR altogether).

The major issues I found regarding Rift support in the Curio browser are as follows:

  •  In order to enable Rift mode you must sacrifice the entire UI before it can be enabled; that means nearly all of your available functions, chat, menus, etc. are a no go if you enable the Rift.
  •  Severe lag is noticeable in many areas of the game and frequently so in some of the more graphically intense areas you can visit.
  •  The game crashes often when enabling or disabling VR mode (there’s a little “trick” to getting it done right, but it doesn’t work every time) and it crashed 100% of the time when trying to leave a given location and enter another (workaround is to disable VR mode when moving between locations)  Note: A recent update to the game has apparently improved this issue considerably, crashing does still happen but it is now infrequent, and travel between locations does not crash the game although you can no longer leave locations without disabling VR mode and typing a new location in the url field of the Curio browser.
  • There is currently no positional tracking in the game.

So if Rift support is essentially broken, why Blog about it [the game] here?

Well, this is a blog about Adult Virtual Reality experiences among other things and although there are definitely some issues to be worked out with the Rift support the fact of the matter is all of these issue are likely to be fixed before long anyhow. Given Utherverse’s dedication to their creation (updates are frequent, these guys don’t slouch) we are sure that by the time the game is released (or the Rift for that matter), this will be one experience you won’t want to miss!
Besides, when the Rift support does work in the beta it is a hell of a lot of fun and a definite turn-on. Sitting back and enjoying a strip-show works great regardless of the issues, and when you’re watching a hot babe shake their sweet bottom in your face, who cares about the UI?

Overall, the experience is as solid as you would expect a beta to be and the game will almost certainly make you horny, even in its current state (which in my opinion means it is doing its job rather well), so don’t let the few problems that I had steer you away. In the brief amount of time that I have been perusing the back alleys and clubs of the new RLC Universe I have most certainly been having a lot of fun, and needing to take a break every now and again to rub one out is a sure sign that these guys are on the fast track to giving us an amazing Adult VR experience.
A quirk or three are to be expected in any beta and when everything does work the results are a system that comes together quite well; and although I never had to pay for my VIP status (thanks again Cass), I would consider it money well spent if I did, so head on over to the RLC website and don’t hesitate to try it out for yourselves!

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