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As consumers anywhere, most of us would only be concerned with the end product that we see rather than ponder over the process that went into making a given application or device, and thinking about what kind of development struggles the creator(s) had to go through is not something that most people bother to do. However, for the developer it’s a completely different process altogether and sometimes everyone tends to forget the sort of challenges that a developer faces while trying to deliver the ultimate experience for the user; whether it is a regular video game or even Oculus Rift porn.

For an indie developer, it is particularly difficult to deliver with the kind of high end product that the market has come to expect mainly because the average person does not have competing resources which the bigger companies may be comfortable to shell out. In the world of virtual reality porn, even if the user can understand that the graphics may not be stellar just yet, the arousal and the experience are still have a far reaching effect..
That doesn’t mean that you will get your shorts knocked off watching a woman with mushroom breasts and chiseled polygonal hands struggle to get near your junk – no that level of graphic fallacy has thankfully been surpassed; but it does suggest that Virtual Reality adds to the experience in such a way that it isn’t always 100% necessary to stay on this side of the Uncanny-Valley.

That biscuit is definitely worth the risk.
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That biscuit is definitely worth the risk.

Another challenge that developers continue to face is that of maintaining the balance between making their application either too soft or being offensive for their users. Leaning towards either extreme can have adverse effects on application sales, brand value and the application’s popularity, so VR porn games have to be made just right to cater to the majority of the users and allow just enough room for someone to have an extra fix if the need be.
A plethora of factors such as geographical location, age of users targeted and experience level must be considered in order to provide a great experience and avoid any discomforts.

All in all, developers are flooding the field of virtual reality because the market promises to have a lot of potential, however, there are many factors that need to be considered carefully before any application is deployed. This is no doubt a fun job and the time is perfect for any dev to hone their skills in this field, but it is not without it’s pratfalls; After all, you got to risk it to get the biscuit and virtual reality and VR porn is proving to be one great treat for all!

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