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Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve (Girl and I) enjoyed ourselves blogging about a number of different teledildonic devices: The Fleshlight “VStroker”, LovePalz Hera/Zeus, and the Kiiroo Svir/Opue just to name a few.
For the most part, we’ve kept our musings to the somewhat humorous side of things and haven’t really talked too much about how such devices might actually change the way that people get at each other sexually; at least not insofar as the long distance relationship is concerned.
It’s an interesting proposition though – Consider just how much of a difference the ability to engage in sex at a distance may have for the average relationship. Perhaps we will see a decrease in infidelity amongst lovers in long distance relationships as teledildonics become more commonplace;
people might turn out to be less prone to cheating when they can make love to their partners over the internet and avoid much of the desire that spending time apart may bring between them otherwise.
Perhaps the opposite will prove true; without the ability to truly miss the other person, we just might see the average relationship begin to suffer as a result of not being able to get that breath of “fresh air” that a relationship often needs to keep feelings strong. I know that personally, although I love my partner to the ends of the Earth and back, being with each other constantly and without a break now and again is just an argument waiting to happen.

The answer to all of lifes problems.
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The answer to all of lifes problems.


Ask yourself this: Would you want to see and interact with your Husband/Wife (gf,bf), every single day that you were out on a holiday?
Though I sincerely hope the answer is a resounding “YES” I wouldn’t be surprised to hear at least a few of you say that you would rather make love to a porcupine than have to see and “be with” your significant-other every single second of your waking life (as beautiful as they may be).
I have also had a relationship or two go sour, that I can assume may have turned out different had I been able to keep a “presence” in my partners life at the time. Although if having virtual sex with somebody nightly is what it takes to keep a connection together, one is probably better off finding a more genuine embrace to get themselves all wrapped up in.

Of course, this is all merely my own speculation. The ability for the average consumer to use sex toys over long distances is still a rather new one and to my knowledge there have been no studies conducted as to what effects such technology may have on a person; but if I were to go with my gut instincts, I would have to say I believe it will have, for the most part, a positive impact for most.

How do you think that the ability to have long distance sex will impact relationships? Will it bring people closer together, or push them apart?
Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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