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I love Teledildonics (a little bit of info for the uninitiated), and I’m going to assume you do too (if you don’t you’ve probably never tried them). I also love VR (my Oculus Rift is my best, most trustworthy friend), and when you put the two together it is nothing short of amazing, so when I heard CamSoda was coming out with CamSodaVR and would feature both Teledildonic and VR support I was ecstatic.

CamsodaVR is an 180°-360°, VR Live Streaming room that offers a variety of different sexy cam shows, ranging from famous models like Dani Daniels or Alexis Texas, to never-before-heard-of, amateur first timers (my favorite). Like many other cam services, it’s ‘pay as you want,’ so if you put in a request and give them a few tokens I’m sure they’d be willing to do a variety of things for your pleasure!

Another feature worth mentioning is that just like most VR Porn video subscription services today, CamsodaVR works with most headsets available on the market (Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR and even the Vive). Also, they are compatible with a variety of teledildonic devices from various companies (Ohmibod, Lovense and Kiiroo, to name a few), so you can enjoy fucking these hot models with no matter what type of teledildonic device or VR headset you have.

As it is a live cam site, CamSoda only has a Virtual Reality ‘room’ with live girls, and that isn’t online 24/7. Perhaps the biggest caveat here is the fact that they don’t seem to be online very often at all as of late, but you can request them to send you an email when they are. They do, however, have three completely free sexy VR movies (I hesitate to call them ‘VR Porn‘ as they don’t contain any nudity) you can download and enjoy (VR Yoga, VR Pool Party, and VR Twerk Session). As well as a one 40 minute, full-length VR Porn video that costs a modest sum of 500 tokens.
If you decide you want to sample some of Camsoda’s services before making a membership (which is free) and buying potentially hundreds of dollars worth of tokens, you can visit their YouTube channel and get a little taste of what makes their service so unique. Read along for a brief description of their videos, after the fap:


Their first pre-recorded VR porn movie, Virtual Reality Yoga takes place in a Yoga Room where four diverse (and very sexy) girls, wearing nothing but bras and tight yoga pants, come around you and start stretching and sticking their cute bums up in the air.

The second video, VR Pool Party is a little bit naughtier (though not by a lot, keep in mind these are all nudity-free), having you surrounded by horny girls in bathing suits who like to show off their asses in their tight, colorful bikinis.

The third and final (at least at the time of this writing) free offering, Virtual Reality Twerk Session is my personal favorite. This time you’re surrounded by sexy girls in revealing outfits, much like the first video, but with the added pleasure of seeing them show off their sexy bottoms by giving you a little twerk show.

Nothing is perfect, however, and CamsodaVR isn’t an exception. Along with the problem of not being online very often, one of their bigger issues is the fact that anytime you lean in to get a closer look at one of the girls the screen tears and creates artifacts (nearly all of the videos taken with a 360° camera do this). Unfortunately, there is no known fix for this problem, yet. We kind of wish they would just do away with the full three-hundred-sixty-degrees, and just stick to somewhere in the range of 180°-220°, as most of the other Adult VR services do today. There just isn’t any real point to it. It degrades quality, and honestly unless you are watching an orgy, how often do you want to look around while you are having, or watching, sex?

Despite that, the service is, in my opinion, well worth spending a little cash (assuming you can catch them online). The live actresses are hot as hell, and the teledildonic support is something else. So what are you waiting for, if you don’t already have one, go and buy yourself a couple of teledildonic toys and go check out CamSoda’s VR show?
Then come back here, and let us know how it worked out. 😉

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