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What’s better than watching hot and horny girls in VR? Watching hot and horny girls LIVE in VR!
Using AliceX, you can have a relationship, with benefits, all without leaving your home.

Initially selling itself on the idea of having a “virtual girlfriend experience,” the service has grown considerably since it first went up earlier in the year, from having only smartphone support and a handful of girls, to supporting most major VR Headsets and having over a dozen models to lust after.
The majority of the girls so far seem to be of Hispanic and Latino descent (which is fine but we hope to see more variety soon), and so far each and every one we have spoken to was incredibly sweet and easy to talk to (here’s looking at you VikySin). This is nice because a cam show can be a little daunting for first-comers (even more so when you are in VR), but when they are as easy to approach as these girls, even the most confident lacking, basement dwelling geek can feel like a real ladies man.

As with most other cam sites, you can sign up and watch the girls for free, but they aren’t going to do much unless you pay up (and why should they?). Unlike most other cam sites, you don’t spend coins, points, or tokens to give the cam girl a dirty request. Instead, with AliceX, you pay coins to enter 1 of 3 different modes (each featuring 3D with head-tracking), which all grant you a different level of access to the model, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

The first mode is Public, which anyone (as long as they’re 18+) can join for free. Here, you can see the model and chat with her via text, but don’t expect her to do much except sit around waiting for someone to pay (you’d be lucky to get so much as a glimpse at her panties). So, Private mode lets you get an idea of how the service works, and that’s about it.

Next up is the “Private” show, which allows you to go one on one with your favorite AliceX model. Terms can get a little confusing here as Private, in this case, doesn’t necessarily mean Private: If other people choose to pay the same amount of coins to get into the show, they’ll be watching at the same time, so you’re really not alone. Still, though, this is where you will get lucky enough to have the model take off her clothes and get a little naughty, so if you are planning on going anywhere with her, you’re going to have to try it.
To enter ‘Private Mode’ expect to pay somewhere in the range of 40 coins a minute.

Finally, you have the debonaire extraordinaire (our wording) “Exclusive” mode. This is where the VIP’s are at; and where the girl will do anything you ask (well, within reason of course). In this mode, you have the model all to yourself with no other viewers, so all her attention will be 100% dedicated to you. At around 200 coins a minute (which translates to about $12 bucks) an exclusive show doesn’t come cheap; but this is new technology, and hey, the models deserve every penny.

All in all, we think coins come at a fair price (at least given that this is a VR cam show and not your regular 2D fair). Although if you don’t have reasonably deep pockets (you get 350 coins for 20 bucks), or don’t catch them on sale (sales happen frequently), you’ll want to stick to the Private shows. If you’re a baller, however, or just don’t care much about money, help these girls out by showing them just how much you care (that means with money, in case you didn’t get it).

Now AliceX certainly isn’t the first VR cam service on the planet and their service isn’t perfect by any means (which is true of any VR Porn service today), but as far as quality goes they are certainly a cut above what we’ve seen so far. As I mentioned earlier, not only are the live cams done in 3D (which in itself is a feat considering streaming limitations), but everything is rendered relatively crisp, at least in comparison to the majority of the VR Porn that is out there in the wild today.

Setup is easy, so long as you are using either Chrome 47+ or newer, or Firefox Nightly, you can stream directly from the browser onto whatever VR headset you are using, following the directions on their site. iPhone is not supported yet, though, so if that’s what you were planning on using you are SOL unless you want to get a different HMD, or you are willing to wait.

There are a few other caveats, but nothing I would classify as a big deal. The AliceX models are rendered in with a 3D CG background, which makes the area surrounding the girls somewhat pixelated, similarly to how old green screen movies might look. In VR it isn’t too noticeable, but on a flat screen, it can be quite visible, which makes it kind of a non-issue (but still worth mentioning). Also, when you move you try to lean in (not just left and right) to get a better look at the girls, things can look kind of stretched out, which was a common issue with some of the earlier Virtual Porn movies (and still is for some).

Regardless of these few small issues, it is a great start for such a new and unexplored product. AliceX is certainly interesting, and another testament to just how enamored our culture is becoming with VR.

If this is where we are today, just imagine where we will be another 5-10 years from now.

The future is bright indeed!

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