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With Virtual Reality and VR Porn becoming a more pervasive component of our lives everyday, it is only natural to wonder just what kind of impact it will have on our real life sex-lives, as we move forwards into a Virtual and Augmented future.
Here I have compiled a list of 7 reasons I believe that Virtual Reality Sex can actually improve upon your current sex life, and I would like you all to take a look and perhaps we can engage in some discussion whether or not you feel VR Sex can actually help us in our relationships, or whether they will do just the opposite.

So without further adieu, here is VRSexSpots 2015 list of 7 ways VR Sex can improve your real-life sex life!

Beginning with…

1) Use VR Porn to help you experiment in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Ever wonder what it might be like to role-play as a member of the opposite sex but always stop short of putting on a pair of panties (or strapping on a penis)? One of the most obvious boosts to a couple’s sex life is a good and healthy dose of experimentation. After all, a few years of the missionary position and doggy-style, as enjoyable as they both can be, can start to get a little bit boring; so it’s only natural that the idea of trying a few new things (threesome, bondage, wife-swapping, etc.) can be a real turn on to think about. Putting those things into practice, however, can be the source of a great deal of stress or frustration for a couple as there is a natural fear of stepping outside of our comfort zone and it is easy to get a little worried about just how the other partner might view such a request and how that might affect our relationship in turn. I mean, we all want to see our lover go down on somebody else whilst we shamelessly pleasure ourselves while watching that GOT scene where Khaleesi gets on top of the Khal and shows him just what fun a little tenderness can be, but will our partner go for it? 

Thankfully, with VR Porn, we can actually explore our fantasies (ok, so maybe not that exact fantasy, but you get the picture) without worrying about what our partner will think of us and not only can this add a bit of excitement back into the mix, but it gives us a chance to decide if we are really into trying something in the first place and help us make that decision.

Blonde Girl whispering to friend
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He wants you to do…. what??!!

2) VR Sex can give you all the freedom of an affair without actually having one.

(sometimes a little fresh air can bring a little “spice” back into a dull relationship)

While often considered a sign that a relationship is in serious trouble, in the last few years certain experts have agreed that a little infidelity can actually be a good thing. Not only can an affair bring to light certain issues that you are having with your current partner, thus giving you the power to work on them, but it can also serve to remind you just how much your current partner really means to you and help add a little bit of extra sauce (possibly literally as well as metaphorically) to the beautiful dish that is your relationship.
Being happy in a relationship is, perhaps not surprisingly, a huge boost to your sex life, and while there is a somewhat rare-ish subtype of individual that gets off on pain and misery, for the average human being the type of genuine happiness that can only come from being truly in love with somebody is just what is needed to en-flame our hearts (and sexual parts) with passion. And passion makes for great sex, doesn’t it?

Guy snuggles girl and holds other girls hand cheating
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Credit goes to HuffPost for this image. Thanks guys.

3) Step outside of your comfort zone without risk, with VR Porn.

Do you have a Wife who frequently expresses her desires to put on a strap-on and take you from behind, or a Husband who is coming on a little too freaky with terms like “felching”, “rusty trombone”, “alabama hot pocket” or “cleaveland steamer”?
It isn’t uncommon to have fantasies that are a little outside of what we are familiar with (and often times a little gross), but for many people taking a dive into the wild side of their sexuality is a significant source of anxiety. Stepping into un-tread territory and trying new things can be a bit of a big deal in any situation, but especially so when that un-tread territory has to do with something as seemingly sacred as our sexuality and is far enough out there it would make our grandmother cringe (and we all know granny has tried everything). Luckily for us, VR Porn will soon allow all types of depraved and filthy acts to be as accessible as putting on a hat, and that means we will be able to test out new (and potentially murky) waters without putting ourselves at any risk that would be otherwise possibly injurious (either physically or by just making us feel guilty-as-shit for being such weirdos).

Girl french kissing her dog
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Not quite sure how this makes me feel…Hope she brushed his teeth first!

4) VR Porn can assist in your desire to explore taboo subjects, without fear of retribution.

It isn’t exactly occult (meaning: hidden, concealed) knowledge that the thought of breaking taboo is a huge turn on for many people. Spanking, Bestiality, Incest, even such oddities as Necrophilia or Defecation during sex can set a spark of interest in the eyes of even the most adherent individuals; and possibly more so in those that are raised in environments where banality is synonymous to normality. Not only does the idea of breaking certain taboos tend to give people a sense of discomfort and an often knee-jerk reaction to freak out and hit people, it also gives a sense of excitement. It is that removal from the humdrum commonality of normal living that raises anticipation for a slice of the richer side of the pie; and is also, quite unfortunately, the reason a lot of otherwise good people wind up shunned, or in prison (should sex with a corpse be illegal when they can’t feel it?).
With Virtual Sex (assuming of course it isn’t locked down and regulated out the wazoo) it could be possible for people to experience all manner of strange things, safely and without fear of retribution (just keep that risque ‘Debbie does Doberman’ VRCD locked away in a place nobody would ever see it). Allowing partners to play out such fantasies is of course, somewhat of a taboo subject in itself, but one that will have to be visited somewhere along the way regardless of how uncomfortable it makes some people.

Girl with 'shushing' lips
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If you don’t tell, I won’t 😉

5) Learn first-hand a different approach to how others handle their partners in the bedroom.

With Virtual Sex, not only are you watching what one person does to another as you would in regular porn, you are actually in a sense experiencing the act as if you were a part of the action yourself. This could allow us to open ourselves up to new methods of interaction with our real-life partners (again, similar to regular porn but just a bit more intensely) helping people to become more accustomed to the idea of trying new things and handling each-other in fresh and exciting ways.
It isn’t always obvious how people want others to treat them in the bedroom and getting it on ala VR style first could give couples the chance to understand how different people like being handled in different ways, and that could prove to be just what a dull relationship needs to get things moving again.
Of course, it might do the opposite and you might just freak somebody out by sticking a finger or a tongue where it isn’t welcome, but hey, that’s just the kind of chances we have to take if we want to keep things spontaneous and fresh right? Besides, with VR Porn you could always put your partner in the scene and see how they react to it first before trying it yourself.

Weird shaped strawberry
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We do things a little different around here…

6) Help you miss your loved one. (absence makes the heart grow fonder).

Ok, so this one might seem a little off the mark at first but let me explain. As I mentioned earlier, love is undeniably tied to passion and passion is tied to great sex. Missing our loved ones has a tendency to make us realize just how much we really love them, and as is so often the result of time spent away, reunion sex is some of the best sex to be had (next of course to breakup sex [and sex with mermaids; but let’s try to keep it real here]). While not intrinsically tied to Virtual Reality Sex per se, spending long amounts of time in Virtual Reality is almost the same thing to our minds as spending long amounts of time in whatever fantasy land we happen to find ourselves in, for real. A holiday in VR is like a holiday in real life, minus the sand-in-the-shoes and you can still hear your loved ones nagging you about the plate of chicken you forgot to cover and put in the fridge (assuming you don’t have noise-cancelling headphones, which you should. VR is so much cooler with noise-cancelling headphones, seriously). According to certain studies, absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, but it can also make the dick grow harder and the pussy wetter, so that is a good thing; and another win for VR Sex!

Guy on bench all alone
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Just let me reach in and pull out my trusty HMD here, and…

7) Because VR Sex.

Ok, so the last point here is quite obviously a bit less serious than the preceding bits, but still every bit as valid, dammit! Virtual Reality is just so awesome and we all know that, so it goes to stand that Virtual Reality Porn and Virtual Reality Sex is awesome too, right? And if VR Porn and VR Sex are awesome, by order of natural progression one must conclude that they can only make real sex even more awesome as well.
I don’t know about all of you, but I for one am quite happy to have such miraculous technology available to help me on my quest to get the most enjoyment out of life as I possibly can. Sure, there are those who believe that VR Sex might actually be damaging to our lives in some way (and if you are one of these people, don’t hesitate to comment and we can engage in some healthy debate regarding the topic), and I don’t completely discredit that the possibility might be there, in certain circumstances, but I think it is largely dependent on the individual how things will affect him/her and for the most part I sincerely believe that VR will have a mostly positive impact on our lives.

A picture of a hot girl in VR with legs spread
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My Wife. Am I a lucky guy or what?

It is definitely a topic worth discussing though and I’m sure not everybody will agree with me on this, so let me know how you all feel. Do you believe these are valid reasons for Virtual Reality Sex to improve upon your current sex lives?
Chat about it in the comments below.

Happy fapping!


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